What's the weird MASK for?! -- Plus, the returning of the International Pickup--

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The final touches are being put on the Taco for the upcoming trip to the Rubicon Trail in California and we think she's ready for a trip! Will everything work the way it should? I guess we will see! Plus, bonus footage of us returning the International pickup truck Paul installed a new motor in. Check it out!
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Why would someone VANDALIZE a memorial:

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Installing a winch:

This turned into a seriously STUBBORN Install:

RAT ROD Tow Truck on the Verge of TIPPING OVER with a JEEP!!

Jeep tipped over in the CREEK:

Taking the INTERNATIONAL for a sketchy spin after motor swap:


Waging World War III on ENGINES!!!

Day #1 of the International pickup engine swap:

I got myself into a muddy mess!

We traveled all the way to MONTANA for THIS!!

No Brakes, No Problem:

Matt's Off Road Recovery Corvair build:

Rat Rod Truck to the Rescue:
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