Unexplained Disappearances With Unexpected Twists: Unsolved Mystery Stories | Crime Documentary

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Today, we're covering 5 unexplained missing persons cases and disappearances with unexpected twists. To this day, these 5 unsolved mysteries have never been solved and the true stories behind them are incredibly bizarre. From the strange mystery of Patrick McNeill to the baffling vanishing of Kayelyn Louder caught on CCTV camera, these stories will leave you confused for hours. What could have possibly happened to these 5 missing people? While in some of these cases most theories assume some sort of crime occurred, others aren't as clear cut. Despite lengthy investigations by detectives, no evidence definitively pointing to any answers has ever been found in any of these cases. Will these mysteries ever be solved? Join us for a true crime storytime covering 5 unexplained disappearances with unexpected twists.
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