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Swat International experts on primitive survival skills have said that Pakistan is one of the Asian countries prone to natural disasters where everyone must learn survival skills to cope with any emergency situation.
They were speaking on the third day of a four-day training workshop regarding primitive survival skills in Malam Jabba here on Friday. Male and female youth from parts of the country participated in the training.
International experts and survival instructors Chad Michael Keel and Reza Eric conducted the training. The experts said earthquakes, floods and other emergency-like situations were happening without warning.
“That is why it is so important to learn survival skills and get prepared to tackle emergency situations. We are preparing the citizens of Pakistan to meet the emergency disasters in a proper way,” said Chad Michael Keel.
He added that they were putting the learners in an environment to stress their bodies while they practiced their skills.
Foreign experts conduct training in Malam Jabba
“We also focus on ecotourism so we make sure that every learner here picks up every single piece of trash and properly dispose it. We want to preserve Pakistan’s beautiful areas for future generations which will help improve tourism and strengthen the economy here,” he said.
The trainers said that in the basic level course they trained the participants on how to arrange shelter, water, fire and food in the wake of emergency, and after that in advanced level course the participants would get advanced survival skills.
“We are learning how to survive in different emergency situations. We are learning skills, including hiking, shelter building and arranging food and water. It is important for everyone to learn such skills,” said Nida Baloch, a participant from Karachi.
Irfanullah, a teacher of SPS College who participated in the training along with his students, said they lived in a hilly area which was prone to natural disasters.
“It is an important training and this is why we have enlisted our students to learn the skills essential for survival in the wake of earthquakes or floods,” he said.
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