The Story Of Arca: An Arca Documentary

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The Story Of Arca: An Arca Documentary

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Arca’s story is one of transness: nothing to do with lipstick as her collaborator SOPHIE says but more to do with transnational borders, trans-generational and transgender”.
Born on 14 October 1989 in Caracas, Venezuela as Alejandro Ghersi, Arca experienced a childhood in constant movement and change, something that she would later draw on in her music and artwork.
At the age of 3, after her father an investment banker was transferred to a job in New York city, Arca moved from Venezuela to the suburbs of Darien, Connecticut. Arca doesn’t remember much from this time, saying she remembered “this big house we had in the woods and this basement that we had a Super Nintendo in”.
She stayed there until she was 9, when she moved back to Caracas and had to re-engage with her past life in Venezuela. It was a challenge.

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