THE NEW MUTANTS Explained: Full Movie Breakdown, Review, Ending, Delays And X-Men Easter Eggs

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THE NEW MUTANTS Explained: Full Movie Breakdown Review, Ending, Why It Was Delayed And X-Men Easter Eggs. We review, recap and discuss Disney/Fox's New Mutants Movie. Though not connected to the MCU, this Marvel film still is worth checking out.

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New Mutants Delays

New Mutants feels like a film that was never going to come out. I can't remember something that's been delayed this much and it seems like such a long time ago since we saw it's first trailer all the way back in 2017. This provided a unique take on the comic book film and it initially appeared as a horror before the studio decided that this was too much of a risk to take.

Thus further reshoots were planned which would change several aspects of the film and the movie suffered it's first delay.

However there were rumors that the reshoots were actually going to be a lot more substantial and that they would pretty much require refilming over half of the movie. Fox wanted to avoid the flop of Fantfourstic whilst also being different enough that it felt like something that would stand out similar to Logan and Deadpool.

During this time the Disney Fox merger was also taking place, a lot of things were up in the air and it seemed like there would be major changes in the studio structure that would severly alter it's lineup.

However, there was a clause in the contract that stated New Mutants would have to be released theatrically and this is why the film has been released instead of dropping to streaming services.

Disney begrudgingly took this on but decided that investing in reshoots wasn't going to be worth the return on investment. Thus they placed it in their release schedule.

However the pandemic caused a major shift in the movie business and thus they took it off their release schedule. On the 4th of May it was reported that the film had been listed for media pre-order on Amazon and some lawyers must have got involved as the listing was taken down almost immediately. It went back and forth for weeks over whether the film would see the light of day before Disney eventually just decided to dump it at the end of August with little marketing and probably in the mindset that they just want to get it over with.

So 's excited.

Now I actually went into this film quite optimistic. Even with the low Rotten tomatoe score of 22%. That was based off 9 reviews on man, that's not enough opinions to gain a critical consensus but since then, even with added reviews, the score hasn't really moved up all that much.

Now as for the film itself we open with the same clip that was shown at Comiccon at home.

However it's also pretty much standalone movie and Disney don't do any efforts to connect it to the grander MCU.

As for the lineup I actually think that they work really well and each one of them is pretty memorable. Normally in team up films you get some that become lost by the wayside but each one leaves an impression.

The first one I wanna talk about is Anya Taylor Joy who is playing Illyana Rasputin. Why? Because GODDAMN.

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