Space Surfer - Kaleidoscope [Full Album]

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Space Surfer - Kaleidoscope. Released November 27, 2020. Microcosmos Records. The author of Space Surfer project is Innokentiy Ivanov, a musician from Saint-Petersburg. He started making electronic music after having participated as a percussionist on hang drum and djembe in numerous jam sessions. This resulted in Kaleidoscope, Innokentiy’s debut album which unleashed him as an imaginative composer in dubstep, breaks, bass, techno.

Kaleidoscope is an excellent gift for all fans of groovy club electronics. In its tracks, there are plenty of atmospheric samples and exciting neuro bass. Distinctive synths and shaman singing keep the listeners on the edge of their seats until the end of the album.

Turn on Kaleidoscope by Space Surfer and get the pulsating energy of music together with Microcosmos Records!

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1. Space Surfer - Last Dance 0:00
2. Space Surfer - Tuhinga O Mua 6:39
3. Space Surfer - Perpetuum Mobile 12:55
4. Space Surfer - Forest Punk 19:50
5. Space Surfer - Illuminate 25:59
6. Space Surfer - Marsian Oil 31:21
7. Space Surfer - Shaman Path 37:38
8. Space Surfer - Flavour Smell 44:09
9. Space Surfer - Big Show 50:42

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