Soybean Food Plot Documentary with strips of Fall Annuals - Turnips

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This is the story of how I planted soybeans for the purpose of attracting deer to my property. You will see the battles I win and my lose in this video, but in the end, I won the war and am personally sold on this method in the future.
Something I fail to mention in the video is how important soil testing is. It's not as important to beans as it is to corn, but nonetheless, get your soil tested and apply the needed nutrients. The reason I forgot about this is because quite honestly, I don't do it. The soil in my river bottoms is so rich, that I think that is why I can get away without soil testing. I'm not recommending this practice in any way, so please do your homework on soil testing!

Round Up Ready Soybeans -

Enlist Soybeans -

Turnips/Radish/Brasica Mix -

Nozzle to make homemade sprayer -

Agri-Fab Pull behind Spreader -

Milorganite Deer Repellent - Buy this at a local farm store for $12 a bag!!
If your really lazy and money means then here is an Amazon link. :)

If you are into filming your hunts, check out the camera arms that my son and I make -

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