Rome's Chariot Superstar.1of2.Slave to Star (2018, 1080p Documentary)

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Rome’s Chariot Superstar: In 90 , ancient Rome played host to a sporting spectacle that attracted crowds three times the size of the Colosseum’s gladiator games: chariot racing. Every week, 150,000 fans packed the massive Circus Maximus, not just to cheer on the speed, fury, and danger of the races, but to witness the champion charioteer, Flavius Scorpus. Examine his improbable rise from young slave to arguably the most successful competitor in the sports history.

Slave to Star
Before Flavius Scorpus became a superstar charioteer in ancient Rome's most popular sport, he was a young slave who dreamed of freedom. Explore the early years of Scorpus' life to see how he escaped his circumstances to become history's most talented and successful charioteer. We rebuild and test the chariots he rode, investigate how the races really worked, and then hit the track for a white-knuckled look at the violent and hugely competitive races.

Alexander IV History's supplementary notes:
Features: Mike Loades (Chariot Historian)
Dr. Lucy Grig (University of Edinburgh)
Dr. Jerry Toner (University of Cambridge)
Dr. Carolyn Willekes (Mount Royal University)

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