Rocket Royale Pro Android Gameplay #174

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Since my CPM descended 30% and one of my videos got demonetized, I decided to put more ads, if I see my CPM comes to normal, I will put less ads than this, but I need to recover, my stable income on YouTube also, if you want to know how to skip the ads, watch the video during the premiere or, I will make a membership, showing how to skip all the ads in all the YouTube videos, or use AdBlocker if you're on PC.
thanks for understanding!

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Hi, I'm Zero:

Quick response to some questions (Q&A)

-Can we play?
Too many people is asking me this
I'm sorry but I can't

-What phone do you play on?
I play in a Redmi note 9S

-What you use to rec and edit?
I use my phone's recorder to record power director to edit, simple.

-Can we 1v1?
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