Realme 6 Realme UI 2.0 Android 11 Update Full Review | Top 20+ New Features of Realme ui 2.0

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Hey guys in this video i saw you realme ui 7 android 11 update in realme 6, this is beta testing of realme ui in realme 6

realme ui update in realme 6

realme ui features in realme 6

how to update realme 6


i. Global Theme Colour
This function in the realme UI has 5 built-in colour schemes and 10 single colours which lets you choose your own for the main interface, notification bar, shortcut button and 24 other interfaces.

ii. Always On Display: Improvements
Taking the customisations on "Always On Display" to an another level, the realme UI now offers 5 themes and is also the first customisation engine in the market which allows you to create unique AOD patterns with just a touch of your finger! How cool is that?!

iii. Improved Dark Mode
The Dark Mode in realme UI now offers 3 styles to cater to everyone’s needs: Enhanced, Medium & Gentle. It also supports intelligent auto-adjustment which automatically adjusts the contrast according to the ambient light.

iv. Icon and Font Customisations
If you love to customise icons and fonts on your device, the realme UI is here to please you in every possible way. The realme UI offers Icon Customisations and supports third party icon/ font package support as well. You want it, you got it!

v. Support for Third Party Launcher
Not just third party icon packages and fonts, the realme UI also gives third-party launchers access to its desktop design for more customizability.

Coming to Privacy and Security, the realme UI would feature the Deep Sea Privacy Plan that includes an Invisible Door, Private Space and a Security Shield so that one can share their creativity without worrying about the safety of personal data and privacy.

i. Invisible Door
This feature prevents unauthorised personal data leakage. Whenever an app tries to read personal information, it'd auomatically send empty data to avoid real information leakage.

ii. Private Safe
This enhacements hides all your secret apps in a seperate vault which can only be accessed by a special password.

iii. Security Shield
The Security Shield on realme UI provies for a 360 degree protection from payment security to blocking those spam calls and more!

What's more?

Productivity & Multitasking are the primary drivers in today's world and the realme offers improved functions for better efficiency to address just that. Let's find out how!

The realme UI has achieved a greater level of optimisation and has led to an almost 45% increase in System Resources Utilisation Efficiency, a 32% increase in System Speed, a 17% increase in Frame Rate Stability and increase in speed of launching an App when compared with realme UI.

The Floating Window function offered in realme UI lets you chat with friends and watch videos simultaneously to carry out everyday-multitasking

Based out of Android 11, the realme UI has following Android exclusive features and enhancements:

i. All New Notification Bar
The notifcation bar on realme UI now comes with a whole new design with an essence of vanilla Android flavor and an even minimal interface.

ii. Output Switcher
One of the most useful new features in Android 11 is the ability to quickly switch audio output without diving into your settings.

iii. Digital Wellbeing
The realme UI offers various functions which enables Digital Well-being.

Apart from Android's Digital Wellbeing and parental controls, the realme UI offers the self-developed Sleep Capsule which helps keep a track of your daily health and sleep-cycle.

That was all for a quick recap of realme UI based on Android 11. We're sure that you're loving it already and can't wait to try it out yourself.



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