Real Tube Inside! The Crazy Tube Circuits Space Charged 2-in-1 Pedal

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This is a full review of the Crazy Tube Circuits Space Charged V2 pedal. The Space Charged V2 is a 2-in-1 pedal that offers a clean boost and overdrive in one. This pedal is loaded with a real 12AY7 and can also be used with a third party 12AX7 if required.

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Crazy Tube Circuits are made in Greece and are considered as one of the world's best pedal manufacturers. These pedals are made to last and I have been using a number of them for many years without any issues.

The Crazy Tube Circuits Space Charged also comes with its own power supply. The Space Charged V2 requires more power than a typical overdrive (over 300mA).

Please note: I do not take a cash payment from guitar companies nor have I been paid from Crazy Tube Circuits to produce this video but they are letting me keep the pedal. If you want to help support the channel please use the affiliate links through to Sweetwater or Thomann. Many thanks!

Time Stamps:

0:00 - Intro Jam
2:21 - About the Pedal
3:45 - Pedal with Vola Strat
7:41 - Pedal with Flying V
10:32 - Final thoughts

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