OLYMPIC HERO | The Kurt Angle Story (Full Career Documentary)

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OLYMPIC HERO | The Kurt Angle Story (Full Career Documentary)

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The constant contradiction of the wrestler is that while they may be portrayed as an invincible superhero on TV, they’re usually far more normal off screen. Sure, they’re tough and can perform impressive athletic feats, but there’s a big difference between being Hulk Hogan and being Mike Tyson. One wrestler who doesn’t have this problem though is Kurt Angle. As an Olympic gold medallist in freestyle wrestling, Angle can comfortably say that he’d beat almost anyone in a real fight. That being said, legit fighting skills alone don’t necessary make you a great pro wrestler. Luckily for him, he can do this better than almost anyone else too. In fact, we’re not entirely sure that there’s anything he can’t do. So, join us today as we take a deep dive into his fascinating entire career journey in: Olympic Hero: The Kurt Angle Story.

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