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No Graves on Boot Hill - Jerry, Reno and Paco are in prison, where they meet a young Mexican man who claims he has been convicted for a crime he hasn't committed.

No Graves on Boot Hill (1968)
Director: Sergio Garrone (as Willy S. Regan)
Writers: Franco Cobianchi, Sergio Garrone (screenplay)
Stars: Craig Hill, Evelyn Stewart, Giovanni Cianfriglia
Genre: Western
Country: Italy
Language: English
Release Date: 23 November 1968 (Italy)
Also Known As: No Graves on Boot Hill

Three men are thrown into prison, then broken out by a priest who’s convinced a young man (Ivan Scratuglia as Francisco Ortega) sentenced to hang is innocent of murdering a wealthy landowner and raping his daughter.

The priest is asking the three to clear the young man’s name within 10 days, lest he be executed. His father is offering a $30,000 reward if they’re successful.

The three include Paco (Franco Cobianchi D’Este), a horse thief; Reno (Giovanni Cianfriglia), a bounty hunter who’s killed enough men to fill a town; and Jerry (Craig Hill), a lotharo with a list of sins so long the priest would need a year to write them all down.

They head to Roseville where it quickly becomes clear that snooping into what really happened to Betty Fletcher and her father isn’t the healthiest way to spend one’s time.

And they quickly discover that one of those opposed to such snooping is mayor / counselor Mulligan, the very man who was supposedly trying to clear Francisco.

Betty can’t talk; she’s in a shock-induced coma. But another woman named Delores might be of help. While Paco, Reno and Jerry were in jail, Francisco kept repeating her name in his sleep. Written by Mark Franklin on

"The opening is quite clever. Paco steals a batch of carrots, then uses them to lure someone else’s horse into following him. Jerry sneaks into a woman’s room at night, telling her it might be their last night together. Then her husband bursts in. And Reno guns down three enemies by tricking them with a phony wounded arm. That’s how our heroes wind up in jail.

They wind up being wanna-be heroes because a priest’s assistant is jotting down all their misdeeds. The priest himself? He warns the trio that he wouldn’t want to face judgment day with their records, a hint that clearing Franciso might make judgment day easier on them.

But it’s really the $30,000 that provides their incentive. And this trio must have watched a few Spaghetti Weterns, because they tear the contract into three parts, each keeping one, so they won’t be tempted to double cross one another.

It all leads up to an entertaining Spaghetti Western — not a classic, mind you — but one that’s entertaining to watch, even if there are some over-the-top moments. Like when Paco, surrounded by gunmen, heaves his gunbelt into the air, then uses his rifle to shoot the shells in said gunbelt so that the bullet fragments blind his attackers.

Dolores turns out to be none other than Ida Galli (Evelyn Stewart), sporting long dark hair this time and running a mill. She slept with the man accused of murder. She slept with the man who framed him. She sleeps with Jerry, one of the man trying to free her ex-lover. But she’s deeply offended when the villain of the piece calls her “a Mexican sl*t.”" Written by Mark Franklin on

Also Known As (AKA):
(original title): Tre croci per non morire
Brazil: Os Pistoleiros de Boot Hill
France: Trois croix pour ne pas mourir
Greece (transliterated title): Treis tafoi perimenoun nekrous
USA: Three Crosses Not to Die
USA: Three Crosses of Death
No Graves on Boot Hill


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