Mysterious Balls Fall from Space

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One strange day in January 2016, Vietnamese residents of the Yen Bai province woke up to the terrifying sound of thunder and the furious clash of metal hitting the ground.

When morning came, the locals found 3 strange, solid metal balls of various sizes scattered in the surroundings. It appeared that they had fallen from the sky during the night as if they were meteorites.

These strange spheres attracted the attention of military officials who quickly arrived in the province to investigate.

Some thought that the balls were deactivated bombs. Some said it was space debris from satellites. Others concluded that they could only possibly be weapon ordnance from

Similar spheres have dropped in Africa, Australia, Latin America, Spain, and Turkey. Three mysterious spheres have been found in every single location… could it be a mere coincidence?

Government authorities have been vague about the matter. Are they really human space debris? Or something else kept from the public eye?
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