Mysteries of the Stone Age: Cumbria's Prehistoric Monuments I SHORT DOCUMENTARY I Stone Circles

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A short documentary, created alongside a new book titled 'Cumbria's Prehistoric Monuments'. Adam Ibbotson invites you to explore a world sculpted by ancient hands.

Britain’s megalithic monuments offer a unique glimpse into the lives and religious customs of Europe’s earliest settled communities. They are the remnants of the cultures that inhabited the British Isles during two distinct periods: the Neolithic, and the Bronze Age. Times of rapid innovation, these eras, spanning between 4000 BC and 700 BC, could be considered a prehistoric golden age of sorts. It was during this golden age, thousands of years before Roman sandals touched British shores, that some of Europe’s most iconic monuments were created.

Many people are unaware that the best-preserved examples of such monuments, such as stone circles, cairns, and passage tombs, exist at Britain’s extremities. Among such areas are Cornwall, Scotland, Western Ireland, Wales, and as shown in this short film - Cumbria.


A big thank you to Elsa Price and Marnie Calvert for their contribution to this video! Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery:

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