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The film begins with a boy Abhiram, who behaves differently in different situations which causes bewilderment to his father Eeswar Rao (Rajendra Prasad), so he immediately consults a neurosurgeon, Prabhudas (Posani Krishna Murali). Here it is revealed that the boy was born with two brains and holds a dual personality which is triggered by loud noises. Right now, Eeswar Rao raises him as two Abhi / Ram (Aadi Saikumar) dividing and sharing the time. But Abhiram becomes a self-hating person as both the personalities possess contrasting lifestyles. Abhi is a rough, lazy playboy whereas Ram is intelligent and immensely good who wants to dedicate his life to bachelorhood. The story takes a twist when a charming girl Happy (Mishti Chakraborty) enters into his life whom Abhi loves but she falls for Ram looking at his humanity. Ahead, Ram too carries a girlfriend, Aascharya (Naira Shah). As a side plot, Abhiram encounters a goon, Gagan Vihari (Abhimanyu Singh) which throws him into a severe life threat. The rest of the story is a comic tale that culminates into a joyful one.

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