MENACE ORIGIN STORY! (A Fortnite Short Film)

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Colossal Coliseum is a new location where many gladiator fights are held! Meet Menace, the undefeated champion of the arena who has defeated many strong warriors. Menace wasn’t always a gladiator though, this came to be after he was framed for the death of King Marcus. Placed in prison, Menace is met with the brave and honorable warrior known as Mave. She does not believe his story and thinks of Menace as a traitor to the king. Both Menace and Mave fight many opponents in the Colossal Coliseum and together become undefeated. Still, this does not satisfy Menace, who wants revenge for the true king’s slayer. In order for that, Menace is going to need a little help…

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