Meet the Exoplanets - Part 1 - A song about space / astronomy. -by In A World-featuring the Nirks

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Hello! Vincent and the Nirks are back for their newest adventure! It's time to Meet the Exoplanets! Exoplanets are planets that orbit other stars. In solar systems beyond our own. Join Vincent as he takes you to meet some of the most amazing and wondrous planets discovered outside of our solar system.

Out Beyond the 8 planets that you already know
There are many more solar systems to explore and we should go
Different stars that have their own planets and their own solar systems
Would you like to go with me and see if we can meet some?

The closest star to your sun is Proxima Centauri
I’m an exoplanet that orbits it named Proxima Centauri b
In a triple star system, with stars Alpha Centauri A and B
I’m in the habitable zone, which means there could be life on me

I’m 51 Pegasi b also known as Dimidium
I was the first exoplanet found orbiting a star much like your sun
I’m about half the mass of Jupiter but with a larger diameter
My orbit takes only about 4 days, because I’m very close to my star

Let’s Go Meet an exoplanet – they orbit other stars
Some are very similar, some very different from ours
Strange and mystical worlds with wonders beyond imagination
Let’s go find some Exo Planets and see if we can meet them

Kepler 16 b – also known unofficially as Tatooine – like in star wars
A planet that orbits not one but two stars – my orbit is circum-binary
That means I travel around both stars instead of only one
And You would see 2 sunsets on me when the day is done

My name is Methuselah, One of the oldest planets known yet
I’m about billion years old, almost 3 times older than your planet
I have a circum-binary orbit around two burnt-out stars
A very old white dwarf star and a neutron star pulsar

I’m the exoplanet J1407b
Also known as “Super Saturn” but Saturn’s got nothing on me!
I have one of the largest known ring systems found in our galaxy
About 200 times as large as Saturn’s, I’m the new Lord of the Rings


An exotic exoplanet, I’m Hat-P-7b
I have very different weather from yours especially when it rains on me
Instead of raindrops you would see showers of sapphires and rubies
I have clouds of corundum that could make those jewels, scientists believe

I’m exoplanet Wasp 12-b and I’m a very strange site to see
I’m all stretched out like a football because my star is on pulling on me
That’s because I’m so close to my star, it takes just over one day to orbit
I’m one of the darkest exoplanets because I eat up light, I absorb it


I’m TOI 700 d and I’m an exciting discovery
I’m in the habitable zone of my star, which means there could be life on me
I’m a little bit bigger than Earth and we could be very similar they say
I could have oceans and land and friends for you to meet someday

When my star expanded to a red giant it almost vaporized me
(A subdwarf star now) I’m much closer to my star than other planets would dare to be
I’m super fast, a less than six hour orbit, I’m so close that it’s fun
Hotter than Hot! I’m Kepler 70 b and I’m probably hotter than your SUN

My name is Trappist the Star and I have Seven planets of my own
All unique and special including three inside the habitable zone
There current names are Trappist b -hi, c-hi, d -hi, e-hi, f-hello, g-sup, h-hey
Together we have one of the most exciting solar systems discovered to this day

Now you’ve met some exoplanets – they orbit other stars
In their very own solar systems far outside of ours
Strange and mystical worlds with wonders beyond imagination
Keep looking at the stars and maybe you’ll discover one

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