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no longer apologizing for existing (and neither should you).
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this video is a compilation of 1AM voice notes i’ve left myself over the last few weeks. I’m at a point in my life where i don’t want to say sorry for existing anymore. if i want to try something, i will. if i want to create something, i will. I won’t apologize for taking up space and neither should you. we all go through moments of feeling like we need to shrink ourselves down to make other people feel happy. the truth is, life is too short to be attached to any sort of ego or care about other people’s opinions. Your life matters and is SPECIAL and so does your unique vision of this world. make bad art and enjoy the process. eventually it will lead to something good. If you have walls built up around you, you can and will break them. let go of fear and float towards your dreams. You are as special as Taylor Swift. You are.
i love you
this is just how i feel about it

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