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An 18-year-old girl from the streets of Chennai, India, faces gender barriers and transforms from being a street child to playing international football events.

By Aishwarya Ashok, Mohit Arora, Shikha Kumari A.

Video Volunteers is a pioneer in the use of video for change, promoting community media to enable citizens to take action on critical social issues.

Video Volunteers launched the ChangeChitra project in 2019, when 60 young novice filmmakers produced 16 high-quality documentary films on social issues in their region.

The award-winning ChangeChitra film collection covers critical issues ranging from sustainable development, education and skill-building, to women’s empowerment, diversity and pluralism, all told from a unique youth perspective. ChangeChitra organized four film festivals in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Kolkata in February - March 2020, where the films were premiered, and an online festival in September 2020.

The technical training for ChangeChitra was supported by the US Embassy New Delhi. VV’s training partner for the implementation of ChangeChitra is the MY HERO Project of California, which uses media, art, and technology to celebrate the best of humanity. Acclaimed filmmaker Marc Ostrick was the lead trainer for the workshops. He was supported by leading documentary filmmakers including RV Ramani, Leena Manimekalai, Samarth Mahajan, Aarti Shrivastava and Saurabh Vishwakarma.

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