????Love At First Bite???? .•GLMM•. //Gacha Life Mini Movie//

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"Averly" Scarletts surname, she has been judged and criticized all her life even though she did nothing wrong. She was hated for her father's mistakes. Scarlett started cooking to get revenge on her father that left her and her mother alone. She is someone who does not care about anything but winning. Chase is a famous chef that had everything but nothing at the same time. Chase was forced to become a chef even though he didn't want to become one, he soon meets Scarlett and gets inspired by her. Scarlett competes in a huge competition to win the prize to show her father that she became what he wished he was (a famous chef) Scarlett meets new friends (Danielle & Miles) and soon also meets her sees her father as a completely different person, and also sees her half-sister. She decides then that she would stop plotting revenge and leave the new happy family alone. Scarlett goes through up and downs but in the end, won the cooking competition.

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!! Recipes are from the internet, I did not personally think of them. Anime scenes included are mostly from Food wars !!

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