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With the entry of the free market into Bulgaria, many Bulgarians have left the country. Bulgaria is one of the poorest and fastest shrinking countries in Europe.

The five children who of Bear handler Radi and his wife have all emigrated. Although Bulgaria was granted the coveted freedom and free market in 2007, many young Bulgarians have nevertheless moved away.

The VPRO is touring Europe and European history. The series 'In Europe, History caught in the act' picks up the thread where the previous one ended: in 1999. Optimism at the turn of the century gave way to fear and confusion following the attacks on the Twin Towers, the credit crisis, an increasing flow of refugees, and an increasingly troubled relationship with Russia. But can you recognize history if you are in the middle of it? If nobody knows how it will end?

The series speaks with witnesses, that without realizing it, ended up in the middle of an important historical event. Every week we publish new videos from the new series and previously broadcast seasons.

In Europe, history caught in the act is a series with Geert Mak by Stefanie de Brouwer and Roel van Broekhoven.

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