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#TheLast Friend is a comic thriller. It's what happens, when a guy working in a corporate office, comes out for a routine smoke and finds a girl about to jump off the building. The funny talk between these two strangers is a satire on how we value life in our today's society.

Lyrics of the song "Baatein Teri"
Baatein teri Baatein teri
Baatein teri vadi soni lagdi

Aankhen teri aankhen teri
Aankhen teri man moni lagdi

Baatein teri LIT AF, Style mera bhi SAVAGE.
Teri meri friendship se, Duniya badi hai jealous.
COME TO ME x3 Oh baby
COME TO ME x3 Oh baby

Something about the way you talk,
Tujh se mil ke Main ho gayi teri fan
& I feel like queen Elizabeth
When you call out my name.

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Cast & Crew:
Director: Ishwar Chandra
Producer: Piyush Gupta
Writer: Ghanshyam Bhatt
Editor: Ishwar Chandra
Music: Piyush Gupta
Cinematographer: Shubham Gaikwad
Actor: Piyush Gupta , Ginita Sunaina
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