knitCompanion - Android Frequently Asked Questions (Video 9)

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In this video, I cover the frequently asked questions for the Android platform. (Apple version of these same questions coming out in a few weeks, February 2021.)

If you're new to knitCompanion, you can download the free version by visiting the Google Play or Apple App store and searching for "knitcompanion".

You can see the whole knitCompanion tutorial playlist here:

Help Resources
Visit and pick your platform (iOS or Android).
The getting started section has a free intro tour and all the Very Pink tutorials.
The FAQ section provides interactive product documentation with video tutorials, step by step instructions, and screenshots.
The Tutorial section provides direct access to the video tutorials without the written info
The Guides section provides printable PDF documentation. There is both a quick guide and a full user guide.
The Support section lets you submit a support ticket to get direct 1-1 assistance from us on your question.

To use knitCompanion on your laptop or desktop, download and install on your computer and you can access all the Google Play apps and use them right on the PC.
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