HOW to PAiNT a BiRD HOUSE!! Adley finds Hidden Baby Robin Eggs in the Backyard! Crafts with Niko!

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Niko and I have another construction job for our Feathered Friends!!


HEY EVERYBODY!! We have birds in our backyard and at Pirate Island!! We love being friends with animals so birds love building nests near us!! So I got my family together and told them that we needed to get our new friends new houses as soon as possible!! We got some really fun bird houses like a rocket, a mansion, and a pirate ship!! Mom and I took the house, Niko took the Ship, and my Dad took the rocket!! Mom and I used a whole bunch of pretty colors like yellow, red, blue, purple, and orange. We also decorated it with all sorts of designs!! Niko used ALL THE COLORS and he loved every second of it!! Dad decorated his rocket with Gold and Black to make it a Spacestation Gaming bird house and it looked so cool!! While painting I got distracted and I turned into a penguin and painted my face to look like a reindeer!! I love face paint and I love tricking my dad so I thought it was a great idea!! Once we were done painting our masterpieces we took our houses to pirate island and we introduced our houses to our bird friends!! I hope they love their new houses and I'm so excited to meet their babies!!

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Bye vlog *pshhhhh*
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