❦ His Baddie Little Demon ❦ Gacha Life Mini Movie || 45k Special || Original Storyline

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HUGE thank you to my sis Layla for helping me create the thumbnail! I love it!

-there is a disclaimer in the beginning of the video so if you still have something rude to say then just leave don’t even bother commenting it as I will delete your comment.


-Here is some character background: Athena comes from an abusive household. she ran away when she was young and met her boss and started working for him so that she could take care of herself.

-Windy is not the bosses biological daughter. He adopted her when she was young.

-There is not much gangster action with Kain because the main focus of this mini movie was Windy and Athena‘s mission.


Apps used: VLLO, Kinemaster, iMovie, ibispaint, Phonto, Picsart

Screenshots: 900+

Time taken: 2 1/2 days (i think-)

Inspiration: LoneyHeart Club & Myself ????✋

Current Subs: 48k (ty)

Goal: 50k by Christmas (so close!)

This is by far my favorite mini movie I have ever made, so I hope you all enjoy it too!

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