Goodbye Old Fan! More Space, Less Drag, Better Cooling. A proper OEM E-Fan Conversion '01 Tahoe

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Last January while i was in Vegas for CES, someone knocked my beloved hoe off of her life support. Usually she is good for about 4-5 days tops when not hooked up to the wall. I have 11 year old batteries under the they have for sure taken abuse but as long as they were on their intellicharger by the end of the evening they did fine. This time though, i came home to about 2 volts. She has been sitting ever since. The shop is a VERY busy place so it is easy to ignore it and let it collect dust. But i couldn't take it anymore! Join me on this journey to revive my Hoe! The ORIGINAL hoe! The hoe that made you want a hoe for yourself!

Today i finally got to my E fan conversion. I have been wanting to and meaning to do this for a long time. Thanks to Brandon from Bigtyme Auto Electric in Sacramento for doing the job PROPERLY! Like i knew he would. Find him on Instagram here:

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