Ghosts Throw Hammers At Me! Extreme Haunting Caught on Camera!

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All new paranormal video! It is not safe to stay in this house anymore after what happened with the ghosts haunting my house. I live in one of the most haunted houses in this community. Some who have visited me told me my house is the most haunted house in the world. One of those visitors was a priest who came to do an exorcism. Ghosts were throwing knives and sharp objects around before and this time I was in the path when ghosts decided to throw something very sharp. I did some ghost hunting in. my own house and explored a room that had some powerful energy from spirits. This become more intense as the day went by. Poltergeist is a big issue right now and I had a priest come but problem still exists. This video explains how I got my eye poked

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Ghosts throwing dishes around and haunting my house!

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