Ghosts, Spirits & Apparitions with Sysco Murdoch

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are they real? what are they. Could they be inter dimensional beings, or something else. Today we are joined by Sysco Murdoch of Journey Through The Gate Paranormal Portal Podcast to talk about Ghosts, Spirits and Apparitions.

We Are All Children in the Wilderness of the Afterlife: A Guided Tour Through a Haunted Life is written by Sysco Murdoch and Steve Stockton.

These stories happened! Ghosts and things that go bump in the night are out there.

Sysco Murdoch has always been multifaceted in her approach to life. A bartender, a floral designer, Wire Sculptor, Jewelry designer, Craftologist, business owner, Soldier, Empath, Sensitive, & Producer/Host of Journey Through the Gate Paranormal Portal Podcast. None of this taking precedence over being a mom of two sons. These paths have led her through, and to, multiple experiences with the paranormal, supernatural, and the uncanny. She resides near the Jersey Shore, with her dear family, several fur-babies, and at least one ghost.

Conflict Radio - Episode 27 Ghosts, Spirits & Apparitions with Sysco Murdoch
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