Ghosts in Grey and Blue, a meditation of the legacy of the American Civil War

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We are proud to present the first live recording of "Ghosts in Grey and Blue", a new brass trio by Dr. Adolphus Hailstork. This major new addition to the canon is meant by the composer to be paired with his choral setting of Walt Whitman's "When Lilacs Last in Dooryard Bloomed". Since we did not have a choir to accompany, we chose to represent the poem alongside Civil War imagery in order to inform the music.
The improvisatory nature of certain sections of this work means that it will never be performed the same way again.
The video as a whole serves as a solemn reminder of the yet unresolved legacy of the Civil War.


“When Lilacs Last in Dooryard Bloomed” read by Winston Tharp – 0:10-1:15
Dr. Adolphus Hailstork presents his notes on “Ghosts in Grey and Blue” – 1:18-4:33
Poetry reading conclusion – 4:35-5:16

“Ghosts in Grey and Blue”
• Prologue: Cauldron of Dispute – 5:18-7:11
• Fanfare – 7:12-10:05
• Battle Music 1 – 10:06-12:33
• The Surgeon’s Tent – 12:34-17:47
• “Cannon Fodder, March” – 17:49-19:21
• Battle Music 2 – 19:23-21:18
• The Noble Cause – 21:19-22:44
• Epilogue: Cauldron of Peace – 22:45- 25:10

Credits/Epilogue Reprise – 25:41

Ghosts in Grey and Blue personnel:
Rebecca Steinberg, trumpet
Adam Schommer, horn
Owen Caprell, trombone
Dr. Adolphus Hailstork, composer
Bill Doggett, historian and publicist to Dr. Hailstork
Winston Tharp, reading of Walt Whitman's "When Lilacs Last in Dooryard Bloomed"
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