Get Subscribers Fast: YouTube Discovery Ads Full Tutorial

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Accelerate your channel growth using simple little discovery ads for as low as a $1 per day. Use this proven YouTube ads campaign template to shortcut the slow organic process and get your videos placed at the top of suggested videos now.

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Table of Contents:
0:00 - Intro
0:56 - Account Build
2:54 - Create Campaign
11:04 - Create Ad Group
16:42 - Create Ads
24:30 - Outro

Get Subscribers Fast: YouTube Discovery Ads Full Tutorial

How to get youtube subscribers fast hacks? The answer to this question is setting up your first YouTube Discovery Ads campaign.

In this YouTube ads tutorial, you’re going to learn a step-by-step guide on how to setup YouTube discovery ads and the YouTube discovery ads targeting to help you promote your channel – increase your subscribers and get more views.

YouTube is one of the best advertising channels for a series of reasons you probably know already. As you know, online marketing has greatly changed and this is the time where video advertising is no longer optional, it’s a MUST!

Of course, YouTube advertising is the best way when it comes to video marketing.

The two most common YouTube ads are: In Stream Ads and Discovery Ads. But here, we’ll focus on what are YouTube discovery ads, the YouTube discovery ads cost, and how to set it up to help you promote your channel.

YouTube video discovery ads can run on the YouTube search results and watch pages for both desktop and as well as the mobile app homepage. These are considered a trueview video advertising format.

Likewise, YouTube discovery ads unit is made up of an image thumbnail, headline, and two description lines.

When you use YouTube discovery ads, you send traffic to a youtube video so it can get more views and ultimately, get more subscribers.

With this YouTube discovery ads example and template, accelerate your channel growth for as low as a $1 per day. This is a proven youtube advertising campaign template to shortcut the slow organic process and get your videos placed at the top of suggested videos.

Using discovery ads is the best way to push out ads that actually get you subscribers and is the best cost-effective way to promote your YouTube channel in 2021.

In this YouTube ads guide, we’ll also show you where your ads run, how they work, how they differ from display campaigns, and discovery campaign targeting.

One of the best benefits of Discovery ads is that people need to click on them in order to watch your video so they are not forced to watch a video before, during, or after one of the videos they’re watching.

If you want to accelerate your organic channel growth, watch this YouTube Discovery Ads tutorial. We’ve covered everything you need to know including examples, where they appear on, and how to create YouTube discovery ads campaigns with your own YouTube videos.
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