Friday Night Tights with Keri Smith from Unsafe Space

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Welcome to Friday Night Tights a @Nerdrotic and @Geeks + Gamers production. Featuring the return of special guest Keri Smith from @Unsafe Space
Gary from @Nerdrotic, @Nerdrotic Live and @Nerdrotic Daily
Jeremy from @DDayCobra, @Geeks + Gamers, @Sports Wars, @Gaming With Geeks, and@Park Hoppin' - Geeks And Gamers
Az from @HeelvsBabyface
@Comix Division
Odin(The New Father) from @OMB Reviews and @The OMB Report
My internet son Ryan from @Ryan Kinel - RK Outpost
1/4 Black from @StevenCrowder and @1/4 Black Garrett
Tom from @Midnight's Edge and @Midnight's Edge After Dark

The Terry Gilliam of FNT @Pierry Chan Clip Master
Producer @Lady Gravemaster
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