Free (Middle Eastern) Bakhoor Discovery Set Promo. Featuring Home Made Incense Burner Hack

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Get started with Swiss Arabian Bakhoors by utilizing this free samples offers which features select Arabian Bakhoors (incense) along with roll of own branded charcoal briquette to enjoy it in the most authentic way.

The free bakhoor discovery set will contain between 5 to 8 different incense samples, chosen according to the season and availability, to help you get started with this wonderful home fragrance experience. Pack will also contain a single roll of charcoal briquets to enable burning them using the authentic method.

Don't own a Bakhoor burner? No worries we will show you how to create one from every day house hold items you can find in your home.

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Since 1974, our exquisite creations of perfumes have lead fragrance enthusiasts on an aromatic journey of the senses that culminates in an impeccable moment that enchants forever.

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