Fixing the Latest Apps Crashing Bug from Android System Webview Updates

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Warning: Uninstalling Android System Webview updates has been known to wipe out saved games that rely on this feature. First, just try to update the app from the Play Store to fix the Android bug.

1. Intro [00:00]
2. Try updating to the latest versions [2:57]
3. And then reboot the phone
4. Or go the "Uninstall Update" route for Chrome and Android System Webview [04:45]
5. And then reboot the smartphone

h/t to SharksFan4Lifee of the /r/GooglePixel subreddit for the find.

Sometime yesterday Google rolled out a new update to its Android System Webview application. Even if you didn't manually update the app, sometimes these changes go into effect due to what is known as 'server-side updates'.

Meaning, Google rolled out a new change to the app from its servers which slowly roll out to Android devices around the world (again, without needing to manually update the app from the Play Store section).

Due to these recent changes, other apps that rely on the Android System Webview have started to force close when you try to open them. The issue should happen immediately when you open up the app.

I had this happen with my Netgear Orbi application yesterday as well as the app I use to buy/sell stocks.

Thankfully, Google was made aware of the issue quickly and has begun rolling out a new update to fix the force closing bug. The first thing to do to try and fix this issue is to simply install the latest updates for the Chrome application as well as the Android System Webview app.

The company should have the bug fixes included in this latest update.

However, if that doesn't work, then you can try the "uninstall updates" option that I had to use last night.

Either way, thankfully the issue is fixable and should happen less and less as more people begin installing the bug fix update.

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