Farcical moment Russian gunners ordered to MISS as they fire warning shots at HMS Defender

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THIS is the farcical moment a Russian patrol ship fires at a British warship – but is ordered to miss HMS Defender.

HMS Defender was off Crimea in international waters when the 8,500-ton ship - armed to the teeth with hi-tech weapons systems - was approached by the smaller vessel bellowing out its demands.

The newly released footage shows the lengthy negotiations in English between the coast guard vessel and the destroyer in a ridiculous stand-off.

The Royal Navy warship repeatedly states it is on an established sea route in international waters.

A command in Russian is given to shoot – along with the instruction to miss.

“Fire warning shots! Fire warning shots! Over.

“Along the course of Defender. Along the course of Defender.

“No hitting it, no hitting Defender, did you get me? Over”

Three shots each with two shells are fired as warnings by which time the warship is visible but at a long distance away.

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