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Urdu Documentary about Facts About Death.
Friends, have you ever seen a person embracing death? At the last moment, a person's impressions seem like a normal and normal sleeping person. When you look at the face of the deceased, it seems as if he has suddenly calmed down. Is it so, does man happily embrace death? Let us know in today's video. Sheikh will stay with Owais. You see the mysterious world.
Audiences generally believe that there is a battle between life and death at the time of death. But the expressions of contentment on people's faces at the moment make us think that perhaps the moment of embracing death is the cause of happiness.
Dear friends, palliative care experts say that the process of death begins a week before the last breath. During this time, health begins to suffer. The body begins to weaken, difficulty walking and drowsiness.
As the victim approaches death, he realizes that he has only two or four days left in his life. Many people go through this whole process in one day. Some live for a week between life and death.
But it is difficult to understand the moment of death. According to an unpublished study, the body's stress-relieving endorphin hormone begins to rise as the hours of death approach. A 2011 study of rats found that the levels of the hormone serotonin tripled at the time of death in the brains of six mice. While serotonin is responsible for the feeling of happiness in living beings. Therefore, it is quite possible that at the end of the day, the same hormone is released in human beings, which makes their faces look happy.
Dear friends, endorphin not only reduces stress in the body of living beings but also relieves pain. Therefore, it can be said that a person suffering from any kind of pain and suffering feels a little relief from the production of this hormone at the last moment and this relief begins to appear on his face as happiness.
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AUDIENCE At the time of death, the human body is shut down and the brain is definitely affected.
Therefore, it is also possible to be affected by the last moments of life. Commenting on this experiment, American scientist Jill Bolte-Taylor stated that at one point he felt death up close. When the left side of his brain closed due to a stroke, he realized that he was free from all the worries that had been a source of happiness for him. Probably a factor as to why they're doing so poorly.
However, this experience may be different for each person. So it is impossible to decide who will die and what. While we can see the expressions of happiness on the faces of some people, it is also difficult for some young people to accept that their last days have come and they are surrounded by anxiety throughout the whole process of death. ۔ In addition, some people worry about the sins committed in life at the time of death and the moments of judgment after death.
So viewers of death, it is an inescapable fact that every soul has to taste. So make good deeds your motto in your life so that you can find satisfaction in the last moments as well as the Hereafter.
So much for the mysterious world today. Allow Sheikh Owais. I will meet you tomorrow, God willing. God is the Guardian.
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