Exploring a Haunted Clown Tunnel Underground - Ghosts Throw Things!!

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We went exploring a haunted creepy clown tunnel underground in California. Ghosts show up and start throwing things. We saw things we never thought we would see in a haunted clown was with Omar Gosh, Kris Star and Kelsi Davies. These ghosts continue to haunt my house and I am losing sleep over it SoI thought getting away to California with my friend Omar Gosh would be the best thing to do. It is time to sell my haunted house and move into a new house but no one wants to buy a haunted house except maybe my friend Omar.

Haunted Doll Brings Ghosts Back Home! GHOST CAUGHT ON CAMERA!

Haunted Doll Moves Scaring Lady Out of Her Home! Haunting Caught on Camera!

Haunted Doll Escapes a Locked Box and Haunts My House! Angry Ghost!

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