Dream - Mask Teaser Animated M/V Lyrics Video (FULL UPDATED)...

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Dream Teaser Mask teaser M/V with lyrics fully updated to date

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All Known Mask Lyrics:

Always being Judged by a bunch of strange faces

But I've been places

So I'm okay ish

So I'm (ish-fades maybe)

I'm okay bitch

But the fact is

I need help

I'm failing all my classes

They think that i need glasses

I just really wish that i could pass this

Why are you so sad?

That's what the mask is

That's what the point of the mask is

Dream teases his new song mask on twitter.
Dream is super talented and this song is really catchy and epic and POG CHAMP.

All info we have on the song is the glasses lyric isn't a literal thing.
He was taken to vision doctors before being diagnosed with ADHD, when He was depressed
and failing school and his parents were trying to figure out why. hence "they THINK that I need glasses"
and the song is partially written about the past and partially written about the future sometimes both and
we will see what he means when the song comes out. There will also be a animated music video and the song
is gonna have to be delayed for a few while cuz he wants it to be good so he teases a bit of it while we wait
But he says not to worry it's gonna be done soon :3

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