Documentary Film Campaign: We Were Never Lost

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Our team is raising funds to create a documentary film that aims to fundamentally shift the way Jewish identity is understood by the world.
In this heartfelt tribute to an ancient people yearning for inclusion, we’ll examine the history, claims, stories, struggles, and aspirations of the Jewish/Israelite tribes of Africa. Our adventure will span borders and boundaries from Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia and beyond.

Their Judaism is misunderstood by most, so we’ll examine what it means to be a Jew/Israelite and how exactly they descended from this ancient people. But this story isn’t just an academic investigation of a people’s history, rather, it’s a moving portrait of the desire to belong, of community, of unyielding dedication to faith and what it means to be Jewish in the modern world.
Simply put: Our Jewish family in Africa needs help. They deserve recognition like all Israelites; to reconnect, contribute, grow and strengthen Am Israel. The stakes are high, these communities face anti-Semitism, poverty, threats from radical terror groups, and trouble getting access to clean water, electricity and basic resources. These issues beg the question: How can we improve their lives and have them rejoin the fold of Am Israel?

We are raising funds for the first in a documentary series telling the stories of underrepresented communities in the Jewish diaspora. The budget will go towards flights, lodging, transportation, hiring local fixers in each region, production equipment, post production and everything else that comes with making a high quality film. Please consider making a contribution to play an active role in shifting the way the world understands Jewish identity.
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