Discovery: Part 3 - Guidelines for Discovery

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What questions should you be asking during disclosure? Should the unfaithful even answer all of the betrayed’s questions? How much detail is too much detail? Today, I’d like to help guide you through what to ask and what not to ask, why or why not to ask it, and how to handle the most difficult moments that arise during disclosure. You’ll need these guidelines if you’re going to do this right.

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- Amanda, Florida

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Infidelity expert Rick Reynolds, LCSW, is one of America’s foremost authorities on helping individuals and couples struggling with affairs and compulsive sexual behaviors. He is Founder and President of , the first company to offer anonymous worldwide online group support for those impacted by infidelity. Reynolds holds a Master's Degree in Social Work and is a clinical member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. In 1992, Reynolds developed and began leading “affair recovery groups.” He received his Master's of Social Work from the University of Denver and completed three years of post-graduate training at the Colorado Institute for Marriage and Family Therapy. He has also worked at the nationally-known Minirth-Meier Tunnel & Wilson Clinic before moving on to private practice:
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