Could An Arthas Movie Work? | Warcraft 2 Rumours

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Discussing Warcraft 2 movie rumours and whether and Arthas storyline could work.
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So as we know Warcraft movie was a failure. Not a catastrophic failure but it didn't really do well in revenue and because of that was said that there would be no more sequels and the series was discontinued.

However with the most recent warcraft 2 rumours of how Legendary might be taking over the production, how they have talked to Peter Jackson about a new instalment I think a lot of new doors are opening. I give my thoughts on the rumours about the new warcraft movie being in the works and also what storyline would work the best and why it is the Arthas storyline.

How the Lich King could revive and make warcraft movie a success and why people would be able to connect more with the Arthas and Lordaeron storyline than they could with the orcish Horde.

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