BLOOM | an lgbtq+ short-film

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dir. Gracie Flores (18 y/o)

filmed April 2nd, 3rd, 17th

BLOOM-- a story about about about the blurred lines between platonic love and romantic feelings.

words from the writer-director:
BLOOM was never intended to be produced. I wrote it over the span of the 2020 summer when I was struggling with labeling my sexuality, my identity in the world. I write scripts because they help me figure out my feelings and navigate what's going on in my head. The script for BLOOM was my journey in doing just that-- accepting myself as a queer individual. I decided to produce it because I figured that there are so many young people in the world who are in the exact same shoes I was in last summer. I hope this film can help people in their journey and that it can resonate with them in some way.

thank you for the immense support everyone has shown; it truly means a lot xx

much love,

BLOOM soundtrack:
- "gluten free" by monica riskey
- "valentine's day" by gabby ochoa
- "honey jack butterflies" by monica riskey
- "sofia" by clairo
- "if" by kat edmonson

here's a playlist of it: :))
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