BEYBLADE VFORCE EN Episode 39: The Bit Beast Bond

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Ozuma, leader of the Saint Shields gang makes a final play for the BladeBreakers four Bit Beasts. During his battle with Tyson, it is revealed that he comes from an ancient group that is sworn to capture and contain all the Bit Beasts in the world. Thus protecting them from falling into the wrong hands and being used for evil purposes. However, once the battle heats up Ozuma’s jealousy of Tyson’s Beyblading skill takes him over. Pulling out all the stops, he forces Tyson to decide to give up the battle and surrender his Bit Beast or have his Blade destroyed. In a quiet moment of reflection, Tyson communicates with Dragoon and they decide to fight the good fight no matter what the result. Tyson and Dragoon lock horns with Ozuma’s Bit Beast and weave a path of destruction on the playing field. When the dust settles the match is declared a tie and Ozuma realizes that Tyson and the BladeBreakers are worthy enough to look after the four Bit Beasts on their own. The Saint Shields say their goodbyes and walk away content that the four Bit Beasts are in good hands!

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Welcome to the world of Beyblade; this is the story of a group of passionate Bladers who follow their dreams on an unforgettable journey to the top.

3, 2, 1… Let it Rip!!
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