Backyard Ultra Documentary : IT'S EASY UNTIL IT'S NOT

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A Backyard Ultra Documentary about the Danish Backyard Ultra.
Its Easy Until Its Not : A Backyard Story / With English Subtitles
The film that won BEST NORDIC FILM OF THE YEAR at the Nordic Aventure Film Festival in 2019.
A film about what we humans are capable of.
In "It's Easy Until It's Not - A Backyard Story" you can follow Maria Bonne, Lue Tornbo Basstrup, Leon Skriver Hansen, who are all looking to find their limit when they participate in the Danish version of Bigs Backyard Ultra which goes under the name The Great Dane Backyard Ultra. We follow their adventures into the unknown, and along the way we hear about what motivates and drives them, as well as about their preparations and strategy for the race. Backyard Ultra is a foot race where a new race of km starts every hour, which the runners have one hour to complete. And so it goes on until there is only one runner left.
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