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In the first episode of “The Conversation” hosted by ESPN FC’s Alexis Nunes and Shaka Hislop as part of The Undefeated’s "Black History Always" initiative, the pair are joined by former Premier League defender (West Ham United, Sunderland and Queens Park Rangers) and brother of Rio Ferdinand, Anton Ferdinand, to delve into his personal experiences, including:
(0:57) Why Anton Ferdinand is happy to finally set the record straight after nine years since the John Terry incident in his new documentary “Anton Ferdinand: Football, racism and me”
(1:52) Shaka questions why there is a stark difference between now and nine-years ago with the Chelsea captain
(3:33) How the documentary is not made to make it Anton Ferdinand vs. John Terry
(9:47) The importance of mental health and his progression of showing his emotions
(11:43) How difficult it is to combat racism online
(14:29) His psychologist telling him “the first action of a racial incident is silence”
(17:49) Shaka meeting Anton’s mother years ago, and her importance to Anton’s upbringing
(18:37) Stressing why the message of the documentary has been so important to great change
(20:00) How he’s showed empathy during the process of creating a documentary because “the message is so much bigger than me”
(21:45) Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson joining his documentary and why the England international was pivotal to his candid nature surrounding racism
(23:40) The selection process of choosing who would be part of his documentary, including the likes of Henderson and his attempts to bring on Ashley Cole (former Chelsea defender and teammate of Terry)
(24:35) Henderson’s strong comments about racism when England played Bulgaria in years previous and how Liverpool “got it wrong” in the incident between Luis Suarez and Patrice Evra
(31:06) The background surrounding why Ashley Cole wasn’t involved with Anton’s documentary
(33:40) Why the doc was a therapeutic process on a personal level
(35:38) The current generation of footballers being more vocal and less tolerant than during his playing career
(39:41) Why there needs to be better representation in all levels of sport
(43:10) LeBron James and other members of the NBA setting a precedent for change
(47:55) Shaka and Anton share an emotional moment to end “The Conversation”
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