Allegaeon - Concerto In Dm (PLAYTHROUGH / DOCUMENTARY)

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Greg Burgess (guitars) comments: "What can we say about Bach that hasn't already been said? Musical genius? Greatest composer to ever walk the earth? It's all been written before, so I'll go to what he means to Allegaeon. I first heard this piece back in 2000, and it has been a dream of mine to arrange this piece for a metal band; it only took 20 years to make it a reality. For anyone who has never worked on Bach before, the learning process is painstaking. Just when you think it's a repeat of a section you've already learned, you're suddenly in a new key, or there is a variation that totally throws a wrench in your muscle memory. In short, recording this piece was the most challenging thing I've ever attempted in this band. And I'm insanely proud of it. Crank it loud and get lost in it."

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