A History of Ghosts | The 20th Century Poltergeist.

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(Registered Paranormal Practitioners) Is a Professional Paranormal Investigation Team based in Cheshire & Staffordshire England. We undertake Private, Business and Public investigations where the activity is considered to be possible paranormal and evidence that activity.

All Investigators are trained and registered Parapsychologists.

Paranormal Investigation UK and it’s Investigators are fully insured for Public Liability and operate a strict Code of Conduct.

We operate two full-time web sites: ‘Paranormal Investigation UK’ Concentrates on Ghosts and Spirits and EVP UK: Covers the phenomena of ‘Electronic Voice Phenomena’ which is also our learning and tutorial portal.

You are able to download and share our FREE Paranormal Help Guide via this link:

You can contact us by email: admin@ or by Facebook Message:
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