8-Bit Book Club: The Complete Commodore Inner Space Anthology

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We take a look at the best pure reference guide for 8-bit Commodore computers. It's by The Transactor magazine editor, Karl Hildon, with memory maps and Super Charts from Jim Butterfield.

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0:00 Intro
3:00 Table Of Contents
5:16 BASIC
12:09 COMAL
14:34 Printers
15:12 Business Software
17:07 Machine Language
19:37 SuperCharts & Memory Maps
22:50 Disk Drives
24:13 Music/Audio
26:07 Graphics/Video
28:38 Telecomputing
32:01 Computer Clubs / User's Groups
33:51 Input/Output, Hardware
37:11 Misc. Reference
39:06 C-128 Section
40:09 Thanks!
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