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Top 10 Extreme and Strangest Planets in Outer Space. We had found so many exoplanets beyond our solar system. Most of them are non habitable planets. Some of those planets are extremely strange and wierd. Some are extremely larger than our Jupiter. Some are extremely hotter than our own sun! Surface of some of these super strange extreme planets are actually melting! They will completely evaporate at some point of time. These are the most extreme and dangerous planets ever discovered in the universe. These exoplanet discoveries are very much amazing. Watch this video to know more about these wonderful planets in outer space.



0:00 Intro
0:53 Osiris(HD209458b)
1:59 51 Pegasi b
3:18 PSR B12 Planets
4:12 OTS 44
5:11 Wasp 12 b
6:05 Kepler 16 B b
7:12 Corot 3 b
7:51 Kepler 70 b
9:14 Kepler 10 b
10:07 Ogle 2005
11:03 Outro

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