10 Cemetery Ghosts Caught on Camera

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10 Cemetery Ghosts Caught on Camera

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I don’t know about life on other planets. Neither do I know of the traditions in other dimensions. But here on earth, cemeteries are often associated with scary stories, and things ranked among the darkest of the dark. So, it’s no wonder why a normal day in any of them would seem a little different from, say, spending a day at the beach. Like that’s not enough, paranormal sightings of ghosts and demons add more to the creeps. today, I’m not going to change your feelings about cemeteries anytime soon. In fact, I’m here to add more oil to the fire with the top 10 cemetery ghosts caught on camera.
Number 10: The 17th Century Soldier
Well… let’s start this story from 2018 on a silent mode (shush…). That year was when a witness named Louisa Farell went on a historical tour of burial grounds with other people of similar interest. Their first stop was the Saint James Cemetery in Merseyside, Liverpool. Unfortunately, it was also their last. From what I could find, this was a done deal a few minutes into the trip when she saw something that gave every other person who saw her proof the creeps. That proof was the video she took of it, and it’s exactly what you’re looking at right now. In the video, you can see a faint, spooky figure that appears to be strolling through the headstones like it was guarding it. According to the eyewitnesses, the figure seems to be dressed in a plate armor commonly worn by soldiers during the Civil War era of the 17th Century. Back then, Prince Rupert of Germany just arrived on the Merseyside with 10,000 men, all of which are now dead. Could this ghost be one of them? With so little info from the clip, we may never know.

Number 9: The Silver Figure
This video was also shot at the same St. James Cemetery from our previous entry. But this time, the clip was recorded in an entirely different section of the graveyard called St. James Mount and Garden. This one was also shot by a different person on a different day, at least one year before the 2018 sighting. Knowing this, the paranormal conspiracy theorist in me says, “Yes, this is definitely another sighting of the 17th Century Soldier.” But all I can see here is just a silvery-white figure which glides back and forth along the empty pathway. When it’s not doing that, some people claim they can see a face. Somehow, I’m not so convinced, and I barely see a thing. But then again, that’s not enough to say everything was faked. After all, this particular cemetery is one with a gruesome past. It had witnessed the burial of a sea captain stabbed to death, children lost to cholera, and lots more. So, it only makes sense that people would believe in any paranormal stories they hear about the place.

Number 8: The Controlling Gentleman, a ghost?
Tony Ferguson was a fitness trainer in Eling, Hants before he was attacked by a ghost in 2018. Luckily enough, he had it on camera. So, let’s have a look. According to him, that day, he was out exploring an 800-year-old graveyard with haunted stories. At the time, Tony was still 33 years old. To me, the age difference between the cemetery in question and him is enough to warn him off and to avoid stories that touch. But the vibe of a daredevil urban explorer, you know, won’t keep him from trying. As he roamed the cemetery, which was just behind the St. Mary’s Church in the same city, a spirit came at him, he claimed. Well…I know. That sounded like something from a horror movie. But the footage he had caught a smoky white mist that whizzed past the camera. After watching the clip in slow-mo., he concluded the ghost was a controlling gentleman. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have made it out alive. In any case, I’ve decided to keep mute on this one and let you be the judge in the comment section down below.

Number 7: The Proof of Afterlife
Many people believe that the dead still visits us once in a while, even though scientists say otherwise. But if this video recorded sometime in 2018 was to be believed, then there might be some truth in what they say. The video in question here was originally uploaded to a YouTube channel owned by a man nicknamed the Slum Chemist. In it, he explained how he and his friends went to explore a cemetery in the dead of night. However, what they bit was more than what they could chew as all of a sudden, the tombstones they met began to glow. At first, they thought it was the reflection from the headlight of their car. So, they continued the exploration, and at one point, one of them flung a can across the cemetery. T
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